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Servimos a nuestros clientes

What we do!

We are a company dedicated to the application of powder and liquid electrostatic coatings for industrial and commercial metal parts under the most strict international standards. Highly committed to our customers and prospects, we focus on exceeding their expectations of Delivery Time, Quality and above all the personalized attention to their needs.


Our strict quality controls have positioned us at the tip of the arrow to be able to offer the best of services.

Our painting is exposed by our customers to saline chamber tests, in which we have exceeded our competitors by 3 times.



Through our controlled processes, we maintain a constant flow with a lean Manufacturing philosophy, avoiding to the maximum the storage of both raw material and finished product, including supplies; this allows us to maintain a close relationship with our customers.


Our clients send us virgin pieces that they manufacture in their plants.

Our process focuses, but is not limited to, on metal parts, since metal requires to be subjected to high temperatures during washing and curing.

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